If you would like to know more about SystemScan AIX and how it could help your business we will happily offer a free first consultation in order to demonstrate our expert team’s knowledge and skills. A free first consultation involves you running SystemScan AIX in order to provide us with a report showing the current status of your system(s). This will enable us to provide you with a status summary and list of recommendations.

Once you start using SystemScan AIX you may also find that extra expertise is required to interpret the report’s findings or to resolve certain issues in your existing infrastructure that you are unable to tackle by yourselves. BlueFinch is an ICT service provider and developer of the SystemScan software. Our team of AIX experts can create an onsite or remote project to improve and upgrade your environment, or help you to work towards conformance with industry standards and policy compliance.

Feel free to contact us and to speak directly to one of our experts. You can also complete the Free First Consult form and a SystemScan representative will contact you as soon as possible.

SystemScan AIX is developed by BlueFinch BV, who can help provide consultants that can write new, or modify existing code and help files.