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syscheck called by root

System Identification: AIX p520-aix61 1 6 00C9B8XXXX00 Home


You do not have the latest version of the firmware: SF240_418. Your version is: SF240_417.



You currently have AIX version "6100-09-02" installed. The latest version is "6100-09-03."

Sequence: 002  - Command: prtconf

Parameter  Description 
Hostname  p520-aix61 
Common Model Name  System p5 520 
System Model  IBM,9111-520 
Machine Serial Number  659XXXX 
Processor Type  PowerPC_POWER5 
Processor Implementation Mode  POWER 5 
Processor Version  PV_5 
Number Of Processors 
Processor Clock Speed  1499 MHz 
CPU Type  64-bit 
Kernel Type  64-bit 
LPAR Info  1 65-9XXXX 
Memory Size  7744 MB 
Good Memory Size  7744 MB 
Platform Firmware level  SF240_417 
Firmware Version  IBM,SF240_417 
Console Login  enable 
Auto Restart  true 
Full Core  true 
Network Information   
Host Name  p520-aix61.bluefinch.local 
IP Address 
Sub Netmask 
AIX Level  6100-09-02-1412 
System installation date: 12/20/11 Home

Sequence: 003  - Command: lslpp -hc bos.rte

AIX LV  Creation date 
hd6  Fri Sep 26 20:27:41 2014 
hd2  Fri Sep 26 20:27:55 2014 
hd9var  Fri Sep 26 20:27:57 2014 
hd3  Fri Sep 26 20:28:00 2014 
hd1  Fri Sep 26 20:28:02 2014 
hd10opt  Fri Sep 26 20:28:05 2014 
hd11admin  Fri Sep 26 20:28:07 2014 
VIO Server software : Home

Sequence: 1003  - Command: lslpp -l 'ios*'

This server does not have VIOS software installed
Model architecture: chrp Home

Processor speed: Home

Sequence: 005  - Command: pmcycles -m

CPU 0 runs at 1498 MHz
CPU 1 runs at 1498 MHz
CPU 2 runs at 1498 MHz
CPU 3 runs at 1498 MHz
Processor summary: Home

Sequence: 006  - Command: pmlist -s

Parameter  Value 
POWER5 supports 6 counters   
Number of groups   148 
Number of sets  
Threshold multiplier (lower) 
Threshold multiplier (upper)  32 
Threshold multiplier (hyper)  64 
Hypervisor counting mode is supported   
PURR time is supported   
SPURR time is not supported   
System speed: Home

Sequence: 007  - Command: pmcycles -d

This machine runs at 1498 MHz
The decrementer runs at 187.5 MHz (5.33 ns per tick)
System memory usage summary: Home

Sequence: 1007  - Command: svmon -G

Memory  MB 
Total  7744 
Free  217 
Used  7527 
Kernel type: Home

Sequence: 008  - Command: /usr/sbin/bootinfo -K

64 Bit
Level-2 cache: Home

Sequence: 009  - Command: lsattr -EHl L2cache0


Size of L2 cache: 1920 Kbytes
Kernel device files: Home

Sequence: 1009  - Command: ls -l /unix /usr/lib/boot/unix*

Perms  Links  User  Group  Size  MM  DD  HH:MM  Filename  Linked-To 
lrwxrwxrwx  root  system  21  Sep  26  21:13  /unix  ->  /usr/lib/boot/unix_64 
lrwxrwxrwx  root  system  21  Sep  26  21:17  /usr/lib/boot/unix  ->  /usr/lib/boot/unix_64 
-r-xr-xr-x  root  system  29311443  Jan  16  2014  /usr/lib/boot/unix_64     
System TCB status: tcb_disabled (NB. WPARs won't work if activated): Home

This system is an LPAR: Home

Management server hostname resolves to: None Home

CTRMC Status: Home

Sequence: 012  - Command: lssrc -s ctrmc

Subsystem  Group  PID  Status 
ctrmc  rsct  5505128  active 


ctrmc must be active for DLPAR to work correctly

Sequence: 012  - Command: lssrc -s ctrmc

Management Domain Status: Managed Nodes
LPAR Configuration: Home


Processor type is: "PowerPC_POWER5" and has 2 cores per processor.
There are 2 online Virtual-Processors and the SMT setting is: 2
The system currently supports a maximum of 4 threads per process.

Sequence: 013  - Command: /usr/bin/lparstat -i

Node Name   p520-aix61 
Partition Name   65-9XXXX 
Partition Number  
Type   Dedicated-SMT 
Mode   Capped 
Entitled Capacity   2.00 
Partition Group-ID   32769 
Shared Pool ID  
Online Virtual CPUs  
Maximum Virtual CPUs  
Minimum Virtual CPUs  
Online Memory   7744 MB 
Maximum Memory   8192 MB 
Minimum Memory   128 MB 
Variable Capacity Weight  
Minimum Capacity   1.00 
Maximum Capacity   2.00 
Capacity Increment   1.00 
Maximum Physical CPUs in system  
Active Physical CPUs in system  
Active CPUs in Pool  
Shared Physical CPUs in system  
Maximum Capacity of Pool  
Entitled Capacity of Pool  
Unallocated Capacity  
Physical CPU Percentage   100.00% 
Unallocated Weight  
Memory Mode   Dedicated 
Total I/O Memory Entitlement  
Variable Memory Capacity Weight  
Memory Pool ID  
Physical Memory in the Pool  
Hypervisor Page Size  
Unallocated Variable Memory Capacity Weight 
Unallocated I/O Memory entitlement  
Memory Group ID of LPAR  
Desired Virtual CPUs  
Desired Memory   7744 MB 
Desired Variable Capacity Weight  
Desired Capacity   2.00 
Target Memory Expansion Factor  
Target Memory Expansion Size  
Power Saving Mode  
Sub Processor Mode  
Node RSCT ID: 20ae54c2f33b7bd3 (This must be unique for machines in a cluster) Home

System console device: /dev/lft0 Home

System $DISPLAY variable: Home

Licenced to: BlueFinch BV -

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