Alert type Risk Level Risk Count Description
0 1 There are 8 suppressed error report messages
2 1 This LDAP is configured for non-SSL binds which means that LDAP traffic is transmitted in clear
2 1 The SNMP daemon is running at version 3 (unencrypted). The encrypted version is available from the "Expansion Pack CD/DVD"
4 1 Using "public" as your SNMP community name is unsafe!
2 1 qdaemon is not running. Print jobs will be queued but not sent to the printer
3 8 There are 8 risky service(s) configured in "/etc/inetd.conf". Remove them and restart the inetd daemon asap!
4 1 Restricted Tunables should not be changed unless you are sure you know what you are doing
4 6 There are 6 default parameter(s) configured in "/etc/security/users" that differ from the policy settings.
2 1 "/usr/bin/false" should be added to shells= in "/etc/security/login.cfg" and should be the standard shell for users such as "bin".
2 1 Home directories are not automatically created at first login
2 1 Members of the "security" group can perform some privileged operations such as password resets, without switching to root
3 1 23 home directory errors found
1 1 4 local users have no GECOS information:
2 6 There are 6 users that require their shells updating
1 118 There are 118 non-default user settings
1 32 There are 32 non-default user settings
4 1 4 local users are members of system groups. Some elevated permissions are controlled by group membership.
1 1 There are 40 users with non-standard registry settings. (This can be due to implicit defaults rather than an explicit setting).
1 1 There are 1 users with restricted login times
5 1 2 users have remote login enabled
2 1 The "/home" should not normally be able to execute SETUID programs or to contain device-special-files
2 1 The "/tmp" should not normally be able to execute SETUID programs or to contain device-special-files
1 1 You should not be using ftp as it transfers data in unencrypted form. If you must use then ensure you change the login banner. You should also append the "-l" option to ftpd in "/etc/inetd.conf" and " FileName" to "/etc/syslog.conf"
1 1 There are 1 potentially risky network setting(s)! Note: These could be appropriate for your system.