SystemScan AIX


How many times have you been told that your system is running poorly, or is not secure simply because it is not the very latest model? Many vendors are only interested in trying to sell you new hardware, rather than to spend any time analysing what is actually happening on your system.

In the vast majority of cases, the hardware is not the problem, and significant improvements can be made for a relatively small investment. This is especially important today as companies are looking to cut costs and do more for less.

SystemScan AIX is designed to be help you understand how your system was built and to highlight potential security and performance issues.

SystemScan AIX is unique because it concentrates on how the OS was installed and configured. It produces clear and concise reports that can help to improve system documentation, policies and practices, enabling you to achieve and maintain compliance, and to improve the way you work now and in the future.

How it works

SystemScan AIX runs more than five hundred individual tests using standard AIX commands (or combinations of) to produce clear and simple reports that can be used by auditors, system managers, and support personnel to analyse, compare, and understand, exactly how a system is configured. This information can then be used to achieve and maintain compliance, or to discover configuration and quality issues.

The scripts are controlled by a clear-text configuration file which enables you to decide with reports to run, or even add your own.

Reports are available in plain-text, HTML, or XML, which can be fed into an external program such as Splunk, or a spreadsheet, for further analysis.

SystemScan AIX is designed to:

What makes SystemScan AIX unique?