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SystemScan AIX

BlueFinch releases SystemScan for AIX, a system management tool that helps companies perform an in-depth analysis of their IT system. A single command triggers the scan, revealing how the system has been built and configured, and identifying the potential security and configuration problems. The tool:

  • Runs more than 750 tests in minutes
  • You can create your own, and tailor existing tests
  • Reports are available in CSV, plain text, HTML, or XML format
  • Includes an HTML help file with each test, which explains the results and links to IBM manual pages and industry best practices
  • Reports can be tailored to meet your specific needs or to compare multiple systems and LPARS
  • Doesn’t contain any third-party tools or binaries that could damage or expose sensitive information

OS SUPPORT: AIX 5.3-7.1,
PRICE: prices from € 495,- excl. VAT

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