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SystemScan AIX was designed and written by certified AIX specialists with international ICT industry experience working for a Dutch ICT service provider BlueFinch BV. The tool was originally created in response to the need to quickly and accurately enumerate systems without requiring hours of root access.

This efficiency and thoroughness highlights our company BlueFinch, IBM Technology Partner and expert in the area of infrastructure, auditing and security, mainly based on IBM Power Systems (IBMi, AIX and Linux Red Hat).  We specialise in optimising and supporting complex and mission critical ICT infrastructures and are able to bundle complex activities into turn-key projects and managed services.

Our experts are trained and certified, and have more than twenty years solid IT industry experience working with global customers in central and local government, large consultancies, and the financial industry. They can execute and support hardware and software installations, migrations, infrastructural changes and performance and security audits. For more information please visit our website: http://www.bluefinch.com.

Understanding what the issues are and where potential risks reside doesn’t mean that you have all the solutions at hand. That is why BlueFinch’s expert team can help you to maximise efficiency and reliability.

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